Ben Wulf Interview Featured in Global Trade Magazine

Posted by Melodie Elliott on Oct 14, 2015 1:59:13 PM

CEO Ben Wulf was interviewed by Global Trade magazine to talk about the benefits of doing global business from Texas-based headquarters.


Why locating in Texas has directly contributed to this company’s success...

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and Portacool CEO Ben Wulf says this mantra certainly rings true from a business perspective. Portacool—a global manufacturer of portable evaporative cooling systems—has called Center, Texas, home for 25 years, a distinction, Wulf says, that has directly contributed to the company’s success. Locating near Dallas just makes sense logistically, he says, since it allows Portacool to reach any U.S. port within two business days. Not only does this expedite shipments to the company’s domestic partners, it also enables Portacool to supply its Dubai- and Barcelona-based distribution centers faster.

Portacool executives are so keen on Texas, in fact, that they’ve “conscientiously decided” to keep all production and distribution in-state, Wulf says. He credits Texas’ pro-business environment as a key reason for this, explaining that the state’s favorable economic policies and low taxes allow Portacool to manufacture goods at home. Plus, he says, Texas’ highly trained workforce ensures production is done efficiently.

Texas Economic Development Corp. CEO Tracye McDaniel also lauds Texas’ workforce, commenting that the state’s 36 public universities and 50 community college districts feed a strong pipeline of talent into the state. “It’s one of the many reasons that companies choose Texas,” McDaniel says, adding that the state boasts the 12th largest economy in the world.

From an infrastructure standpoint, Texas also stands out from the pack. In addition to housing Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport—the fifth-largest cargo airport in the nation—Texas features the highest concentration of public roads and freight railroads in the U.S. “The state’s world-class port infrastructure is another major draw for international companies looking to export goods on a large scale,” McDaniel says, with the Port of Houston seeing the bulk of Texas’ loads.

Port of Houston Authority’s Lisa Ashley attributes the port’s “strategic Gulf Coast location” with this phenomenon. As the largest container port in the region, the Port of Houston connects shippers to markets around the globe—at a reasonable rate, according to Ashley. Along with reduced logistics costs, businesses operating out of the port enjoy streamlined importation and exportation processes, she explains.

And the latter, McDaniel says, is critical to shippers, since Texas has ranked as the nation’s top exporter since 2002. Last year alone, the state exported $289 billion in goods—with Europe and South America among the key import markets. Texas’ recipe for success is simple, McDaniel says: “We offer unbeatable advantages for companies looking to export products overseas—and our strategic geographic position puts companies in an ideal location to distribute goods.”

Also advantageous to businesses is Texas’ regulatory environment. McDaniel reveals that state lawmakers have cut the approval time for new business launches from 90 days to 30 days and have reauthorized the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF). Calling the latter “the largest deal-closing fund of its kind,” McDaniel says the TEF has created significant investment in Texas by offering cash grants to projects that create jobs and pit Texas sites against out-of-state options. So far, the TEF has awarded more than 100 grants totaling $500 million to Texas companies.

McDaniel says other key incentives include the Texas Enterprise Zone Program—which divvies out state sales and use tax refunds for projects in economically distressed areas—and the Texas Skills Development Fund, which finances job training programs for new and existing employees. When it comes to attracting investment and jobs, Texas’ incentives have been among the state’s greatest assets, McDaniel says.

It’s a sentiment shared by Portacool’s Ben Wulf. “The business climate here allows us to optimize our supply chain,” he says, “and we’re proud to say we’re born and bred in Texas. That’s where our products have been made and will continue to be made in the future.”

Texas Lifestyle Magazine Talks Cooling Relief with Ben Wulf

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As Texans, we know all too well the perils of summertime. We become walking mosquito buffets the second we step out of the house, scorch the backs of our legs on car seats turned stove-tops in the sun, and transform all our clothing into wearable pieces of modern art due to various sweat stains after five minutes outside. We natives are masters at doing pretty much anything while discretely wiping off a sweat mustache—and let’s face it, there really is no cute way to do that.

Luckily, one Texas company feels our pain and has the answer to our sweat-soaked prayers. Portacool is revolutionizing the way we combat the summer heat. From football sidelines to remote military bases, Portacool portable evaporative cooling units are the go-to “when comfort counts.”

I had the opportunity to talk with Ben Wulf, the new CEO of Portacool, and a key proponent in keeping the company’s roots local while allowing it to spread its branches internationally.





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Dallas Morning News Business Article Showcases Global Presence

Posted by Melodie Elliott on Jul 13, 2015 12:22:57 PM

Portacool was featured in the Sunday, July 12 issue of the Dallas Morning News "Ideas at Work" Business section column by Cheryl Hall.

The Chill Factor: East Texas firm's portable coolers are hot sellers around the world









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AOPA Pilot Reviews Portacool as a Cooling Solution for the Hangar

Posted by Melodie Elliott on Jul 1, 2015 4:34:13 PM

AOPA Pilot is the go-to magazine for pilots who are members of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Recently they reviewed the Portacool 16” Vertical Tank evaporative cooler as a great solution for cooling down hangars when temperatures rise.



The Association also offers great content weekly on their YouTube channel via the AOPA Live This Week broadcast. Watch the video review here:


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Summer Boosts Consumer Demand for Portacool Portable Evaporative Coolers in the UAE

Posted by Melodie Elliott on Jul 1, 2015 4:16:00 PM

11.75% year-on-year increase on sale of Portacool™ portable evaporative coolers, which can reduce the temperature as much as 17 degrees Celsius


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – July 1, 2015 - Portacool, LLC, the Texas-based global leader in evaporative cooling solutions, continues to experience a boost in the sale and leasing of its evaporative coolers this summer in the UAE according to sales figures from a local retailer. In 2014, Q2 sales figures represented 65% of total sales compared to 5% in Q1 indicating a spike in sales as the weather heats up. Portacool, LLC offers a variety of portable evaporative products ideal for residential applications to cool pool areas, decks and patios for garden parties, barbeques and other outdoor special occasions.

 Portacool™ evaporative coolers are sold via distributors and retailers across the UAE and in 56 countries globally. According to consumer sales and rental numbers of a retailer in Dubai, Portacool™ products have resulted in an increase of approximately 11.75% each year for the past three years. The spike in sales figures in Q2 is reflective of the extreme summer climate in which the environmentally friendly and energy efficient evaporative coolers are ideal for families wishing to enjoy being outside whilst staying cool and comfortable.

“When we look at the results from our home improvement retailer, the smaller products were the best sellers representing 63% of products sold and rented. These are perfect for the home, garden or for pool side use and shows the demand in home applications,” said Bob Mangiaforte, Vice President, Sales, Portacool, LLC.

 “With the Holy month of Ramadan well underway, both observing and non-observing residents are likely to enjoy more family time with the shortened working hours. Therefore, evaporative cooling serves as an effective and efficient way to continue enjoying the outdoors,” continued Bob.

Portacool, LLC has been designing and manufacturing portable evaporative coolers and accessories since 1990. These evaporative coolers are especially suited for this region, and its long summer months, with the ability to cool areas where traditional air conditioning is impractical or cost prohibitive. Headquartered in Center, Texas, USA, Portacool produces a range of portable evaporative coolers that cool areas from 45-360 m2.

Portacool™ portable evaporative coolers can be purchased or rented from Ace Hardware in Dubai. For more information on Portacool, LLC please visit: or ME

About Portacool

Portacool, LLC is the worldwide manufacturing leader in the portable evaporative cooling industry providing cooling solutions that assist in providing comfort in the hottest conditions whether at work or play. Headquartered in Center, Texas since 1990, Portacool provides a wide range of products from industrial to residential applications. Portacool products are sold via distributors and retailers across the nation and in 56 countries abroad. To learn more about the company, or to see the line of products go to



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National TV Feature for Portacool Cyclone 1000

Posted by Melodie Elliott on Jun 19, 2015 3:08:50 PM

The Cyclone 1000 was featured on "Wake Up With Al" on The Weather Channel on June18, 2015. 

Mr. Fix It, Lou Manfredini, showed the hosts great solutions for “Enjoying Your Outdoor Spaces This Summer”, including a review of the Portacool Cyclone 1000. Al Roker declared on-air, "This is a Father's Day Gift!"

Check out the feature here:


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Portacool, LLC Expands International Distribution to European Union to Meet Anticipated Summer Demand for Portable Cooling Solutions

Posted by Melodie Elliott on Jun 9, 2015 12:00:00 AM

3050m2 Warehouse in Barcelona Enables Rapid Deployment of Portable Evaporative Coolers for Manufacturing, Construction, Automotive Repair and Hospitality Sectors

Barcelona, Spain – June 9, 2015 - Portacool, LLC, the Texas-based global leader in evaporative cooling solutions, is addressing the rise in European demand for its products through a new 3050m2 warehouse facility in Barcelona, opening this month. The trend of hotter summer temperatures across the European continent, coupled with the need for cooler environments for both commercial and leisure pursuits, have seen Portacool’s business in Europe increase by 12% since 2010, and the company sees significant growth potential as a result of the new warehousing facility in Barcelona.

The Portacool warehouse in Spain enables more rapid deployment of products that reduce temperatures by up to 17 degrees Celsius in areas where traditional air conditioning is impractical or cost prohibitive. These cooling solutions are aimed at meeting the cooling needs of commercial construction sites, manufacturing facilities, hotels, restaurants, and military facilities across western and eastern Europe. The new facility in Spain provides a strategic link between Portacool’s manufacturing capabilities in the United States and customer demand, providing rapid deployment of cooling solutions to customers across Europe.

“While summers in Europe can be shorter and more temperate than in other markets such as the U.S. or Asia, the ability to provide a cooler environment means that work can continue on infrastructure, real estate, military, and other key projects as the temperature climbs. The European warehouse gives Portacool the ability to store and ship our portable evaporative coolers efficiently and affordably to meet the rising demand for our products across Europe,” said Maurice van der Kooij, Portacool Regional Sales Manager - Europe.


Portacool, LLC has been designing and manufacturing portable evaporative coolers and accessories since 1990, and currently serves customers in 56 countries globally. Headquartered in Center, Texas, the company’s portable evaporative coolers lower temperatures in areas from 45-360m2. For more information on Portacool, LLC please visit:



Maurice van der Kooij : Regional Sales Manager Europe  | tel: (936) 598-5651 | mobile: 346-67-019175

Press Contact:

Amina Grimen

The Portsmouth Group

+971 (0)55 298 6070

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St. Louis Dispatch says: "Portacool Cyclone 1000 will help cool you down outdoors."

Posted by Melodie Elliott on Jun 8, 2015 11:49:31 AM

Portacool is thrilled to announce that our Cyclone 1000 is this week's St. Louis Dispatch Product Pick!




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When Comfort Counts in the Restaurant & Hospitality Industries

Posted by Melodie Elliott on May 26, 2015 7:00:00 AM


The Portacool team was in Chicago May 16-19 to exhibit at one of the world’s most impressive shows catering to the international food service marketplace:

the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show 2015. More than 44,000 filled the halls of McCormick Place, and Portacool was in the heart of the mix
at booth #1824 showcasing cooling solutions that work for applications ranging from the patio to ‘back of the house’ operations.

The refrain from the team was one that resounded with the attendees: “When Comfort Counts,” Portacool has the portable solution needed to accommodate spaces that are traditionally hard to cool .

For some owners, that meant checking out the smaller Cyclone to spot cool the kitchen staff during peak hours, and for others that meant looking at the Islander as a perfect way to that keep their patio packed during the hottest temperatures.


Attendees saw for themselves that the difference in these evaporative coolers is in the true cooling power that helps achieve cooling effects by as much as 30°F. Portable evaporative coolers provide chilled air versus blowing around warm, stagnant air like a fan and they are an improved alternative to the drenching effects of misters. Portacool evaporative coolers cool without getting you wet. Our team helped managers and owners identify the best cooling solution for their space and their needs. A common refrain: “patrons stay longer when they are cool and comfortable.” 
Portacool is dedicated to keeping restaurants, bars and other hospitality venues packed and profitable when the mercury rises.

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Portacool Texas World Dirt Track Championship Returns to Texas Motor Speedway May 15-16

Posted by Melodie Elliott on Apr 29, 2015 6:42:21 PM

National Elite Dirt Track Competitors Are Set to Compete in the Race


Center, Texas – April 30, 2015 - Portacool, LLC, the Texas-based global leader in evaporative cooling solutions, is pleased to be the title sponsor of two dirt track events held annually at the Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track. The first dirt track event, the Portacool Texas World Dirt Track Championship, takes place on May 15-16 and will feature some of the elite racers in O'Reilly Auto Parts SUPR (Southern United Professional Racing) Late Model, Modified and Limited Modified racing.

The Portacool Texas World Dirt Track Championship is held at the Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track, a .4-mile clay-surfaced track known to produce some of the most competitive dirt track racing in the nation. Heats for all three classes will run Friday, May 15, beginning at 6:45 p.m. and the championships will be decided Saturday, May 16, with racing beginning at 6 p.m

Portacool will be offering opportunities to win tickets to the event through the company’s social media page. Fans can learn more at: Grandstand tickets for Friday are $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under, and $20 for adults and $10 for children for Saturday. Fans can also save $5 by purchasing their tickets at participating O'Reilly Auto Parts stores. Event parking is free throughout the weekend.

Fans can visit, call (817) 215-8500 or download the Texas Motor Speedway app for additional information or to purchase tickets for the Portacool Texas World Dirt Track Championship.


About Portacool

Portacool, LLC is the worldwide manufacturing leader in the portable evaporative cooling industry providing cooling solutions that assist in providing comfort in large, open industrial environments and smaller residential spaces. Headquartered in Center, Texas since 1990, Portacool is celebrating its 25-year anniversary this year with a new tagline, “When Comfort Counts,™” to encapsulate the benefits of using the products to protect against heat stress and discomfort. Portacool products are sold via distributors and retailers across the nation and in 56 countries abroad. To learn more about the company, or to see the line of products go to


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